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Each week Baremetrics Founder, Josh Pigford, sits down with a different founder to talk shop. Get honest, insightful looks in to how other founders run their businesses.

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    Jesse Genet (Lumi)

    This week I talk with Jesse Genet, Founder of Lumi! In this episode we talk about being a tinkerer as a kid, getting in to screen printing in high school and how that has been a common thread in every business for 15 years, being on Shark Tank, shutting down a successful business, the role of printing processes in human history and more.

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    Zach Klein (DIY/JAM/Vimeo)

    This week I talk with Zach Klein, Founder of Vimeo & DIY! In this episode we talk about the origin stories and how Zach got involved with CollegeHumor, BustedTees, Vimeo, and JAM, how Zach started an online reptile pet store as a high school kid, how everything he's done has a common thread that ties back to his days spent on AOL growing up and a lot more. Enjoy!

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    Joel Gascoigne (Buffer)

    This week I talk with Joel Gascoigne, Founder of Buffer! In this episode we talk about how gaming ultimately led to interest in technology, how his time in university introduced him to startups, how Buffer got its start, how transparency became part of the fabric of their company, how Joel's approach to building Buffer has changed drastically and a lot more! Enjoy!

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    Amit Gupta (Photojojo)

    This week I talk with Amit Gupta, Founder of Photojojo and a dozen other things! We talk about dropping out of college, working with Seth Godin, starting Photojojo, being diagnosed with leukemia, beating the 1:20,000 odds of finding a stem cell donor, how community has played a role in business in life and what Amit is up to now!

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    Kyle Racki (Proposify)

    This week I talk with Kyle Racki, Founder of Proposify! We talk about Kyle’s journey from quiet, artsy kid in high school to founder of a company aiming to hit $10M in annual revenue this year! Hear how focusing on a side project ultimately took a year and a half of no growth to doubling customers every month and lots of other interesting bits along the way.

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