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Each week Baremetrics Founder, Josh Pigford, sits down with a different founder to talk shop. Get honest, insightful looks in to how other founders run their businesses.

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    Founder Chats: Live w/ Josh Pigford (Baremetrics)

    This week I talk with…myself! This was a live-streamed episode where I walked through the entirety of my past 15 years of business, in which I've started, built, and shut down over 50 different projects!

    I walked through how that many projects came to be, why I started each, how I failed at most of them and the stories behind how many of them got sold and a lot more!

    I also did an extensive Q&A session at the end. Hope you enjoy!

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    John Sheehan (Runscope)

    This week I talk with John Sheehan, Founder of Runscope! This episode is slightly different from previous episodes in that we quickly jump in to the story of Runscope itself. Runscope's story includes running out of money, laying off their entire staff, going through an acquisition two separate times, buying back shares from investors and all sorts of fun step in between!

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    Jesse Genet (Lumi)

    This week I talk with Jesse Genet, Founder of Lumi! In this episode we talk about being a tinkerer as a kid, getting in to screen printing in high school and how that has been a common thread in every business for 15 years, being on Shark Tank, shutting down a successful business, the role of printing processes in human history and more.

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    Zach Klein (DIY/JAM/Vimeo)

    This week I talk with Zach Klein, Founder of Vimeo & DIY! In this episode we talk about the origin stories and how Zach got involved with CollegeHumor, BustedTees, Vimeo, and JAM, how Zach started an online reptile pet store as a high school kid, how everything he's done has a common thread that ties back to his days spent on AOL growing up and a lot more. Enjoy!

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    Joel Gascoigne (Buffer)

    This week I talk with Joel Gascoigne, Founder of Buffer! In this episode we talk about how gaming ultimately led to interest in technology, how his time in university introduced him to startups, how Buffer got its start, how transparency became part of the fabric of their company, how Joel's approach to building Buffer has changed drastically and a lot more! Enjoy!

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    Amit Gupta (Photojojo)

    This week I talk with Amit Gupta, Founder of Photojojo and a dozen other things! We talk about dropping out of college, working with Seth Godin, starting Photojojo, being diagnosed with leukemia, beating the 1:20,000 odds of finding a stem cell donor, how community has played a role in business in life and what Amit is up to now!

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    Kyle Racki (Proposify)

    This week I talk with Kyle Racki, Founder of Proposify! We talk about Kyle’s journey from quiet, artsy kid in high school to founder of a company aiming to hit $10M in annual revenue this year! Hear how focusing on a side project ultimately took a year and a half of no growth to doubling customers every month and lots of other interesting bits along the way.

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    Mathilde Collin (Front)

    This week I talk with Mathilde Collin, Founder of Front. Front is a shared inbox for teams used by thousands of companies like Shopify, HubSpot, Stripe and Mailchimp. We talk about growing up in France, what inspired her start Front, what business school didn’t teach her, what her experience with Y Combinator was like, early growth tactics and more! Enjoy!

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    Brad Smith (Virb, Simplecast)

    This week I talk with Brad Smith, Founder of Virb and CEO of Simplecast, among many other things. Brad’s started and been involved with so many things it’s hard to cover them all! In this episode we talk about how he started a design agency out of the ashes of a web division inside a pager company, starting a social network, taking big bets with a massive company pivot, getting acquired, losing your company literally overnight, the future of podcasting and so much more. Enjoy!

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    David Darmanin (HotJar)

    This week I talk with David Darmanin of HotJar! David and I talk about how growing up in Malta, getting in to entrepreneurship, how being a generalist has helped David over the years along with the ups and downs as David has grown a fully remote team to build HotJar to a $10M a year company. Enjoy!

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    Nathan Barry (ConvertKit)

    This week I talk with Nathan Barry of ConvertKit! Nathan and I talk about being a maker as a kid, graduating high school at 15, being inspired by working in fast food, deciding when to pack it up or buckle down and much more! Enjoy!

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    Brandon Foo (Polymail)

    This week I talk with Brandon Foo of Polymail! Brandon and I talk about how math has influenced him as a startup founder, about having a huge influx of new users thanks to being one of the top upvoted products on Product Hunt ever, balancing feedback from consumers when you’re building a business product and much more! Enjoy!

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    Des Traynor (Intercom)

    This week I talk with Des Traynor, co-founder of Intercom. Des and I talk about his path to co-founding Intercom, turning education on its head, how hiring is broken, the great re-bundling of software, the role of high-quality content in company growth and so much more.

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    Adii Pienaar (WooCommerce & Conversio)

    This week I talk with Adii Pienaar, founder of WooCommerce and Conversio. We discuss growing up in Cape Town, how Adii’s entrepreneurial father and teacher mother influenced his career path, how entrepreneurship gave him a sense of belonging and so much more. Enjoy!

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    Walter Chen (iDoneThis & Animalz)

    This week I talk with Walter Chen from iDoneThis & Animalz. Walter grew up a reluctant math wiz and became a lawyer primarily because he didn’t know what else he wanted to do. Soon after actually becoming a lawyer he realized that wasn’t his jam and quit to go on and found multiple startups. Walter’s an amazing content marketer and we learn how he used that to grow iDoneThis and ultimately to start Animalz, his content marketing agency. Enjoy!

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    Isaac Oates (Justworks)

    This week I talk with Isaac Oates of Justworks. Isaac’s journey from Amazon to Etsy to starting Justworks is fascinating and I think you’ll love it. Enjoy!

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    Chris Savage (Wistia)

    This week I talk with Chris Savage of Wistia. We talk about growing up surrounded by computers and coding, how filmmaking helped birth Wistia, what the key parts of success have been and how to stand out in the crowded video space. Hope you enjoy!

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    Michael Pryor (Trello)

    This week I talk with Michael Pryor of Trello. We talk about learning to code from computer magazines, working in a grocery store freezer, co-founding Fog Creek 17 years ago, coming up with the Trello concept, getting acquired for a huge sum of money, what it’s like working at a public company and so many other things.

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    James Smith (BugSnag)

    Welcome to Founder Chats, the show where I, Josh Pigford, Founder of Baremetrics, hop on a call with my founder pals and get the stories of how they started and grew their businesses.

    This week I talk with James Smith of BugSnag, where they do application error monitoring. We talk about breaking computers as a kid, using open source as a way to get initial traction, marketing to developers, the role of data in decision making a bunch more. Hope you enjoy it!

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    Jesse Mecham (YouNeedABudget)

    Welcome to Founder Chats, the show where I, Josh Pigford, Founder of Baremetrics, hop on a call with my founder pals and get the stories of how they started and grew their businesses.

    This week I talk with Jesse Mecham of YouNeedABudget, where they help people get out debt and get control of their money. We talk about how he majored in accounting on whim, sold downloadable spreadsheets to pay rent, switching from a one-time payment setup to subscription and so much more. Hope you enjoy it!

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    Colin Nederkoorn (

    Welcome to Founder Chats, the show where I, Josh Pigford, Founder of Baremetrics, hop on a call with my founder pals and get the stories of how they started and grew their businesses.

    This week I talk with Colin Nederkoorn of, where they help companies automate customer lifecycle emails and campaigns. We chat about growing up in Singapore, watching his dad run an international shipping logistics company, working nearly a dozen different jobs before founding, and biking across the country. Such an interesting story. Hope you enjoy it!

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    Spencer Fry (Coach)

    This week, I chat with Spencer Fry, founder and CEO of Coach.

    In this episode we talk about starting businesses while in college, being a non-technical co-founder, the pros and cons of having co-founders and the appeal of entrepreneurship!

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    JD Graffam (SimpleFocus)

    This week, I chat with JD Graffam, founder of SimpleFocus and serial buyer of small SaaS companies.

    In this episode we talk about building an agency and transitioning in to buying up smaller SaaS products and turning them in to money making machines!

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    Todd Garland (BuySellAds)

    This week, I chat with Todd Garland, founder of BuySellAds.

    In this episode we talk a whole lot about advertising on the web, the ad industry as a whole, ad blocking, niche ad networks and growing a bootstrapped business!

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    Wade Foster (Zapier)

    This week, I chat with Wade Foster, co-founder and CEO of Zapier.

    In this episode we talk about the business impact of features, how to make use of partnerships, the benefit of Y Combinator, managing a huge fully remote team, content marketing, and more!

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    John O'Nolan (Ghost)

    This week I chat with John O’Nolan, Founder of Ghost, a publishing platform for professional bloggers. John’s got a really interesting origin story for Ghost (it was a crowdfunded on Kickstarter). Ghost is a startup, but operates as a non-profit incorporated in Singapore with their entire team spread across the globe. In this episode we talk Kickstarter, building open-source software, running a non-profit software company and much more. Enjoy!

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    David Cancel (Drift)

    This week I sit down to chat with Drift founder, David Cancel. David has been founding things for over a decade and has been a part of great companies like Compete, Lookery, Ghostery, Performable, HubSpot and more!

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